Thursday, September 20, 2007

Liam Lynch: United States of Whatever

My favorite word in video. I know many have seen this, but this is for my sister, Carrie, an inside joke as it were.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Duck and Cougar Mascot Beatdown

Personally, I was rooting for the duck. I can't believe they (Houston) might prosecute the guy behind the duck costume. I mean, cooome onnnnn.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jackson walking

Jackson walks! So cute..had to post.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What can I say....

I've been a little lax on writing on my precious blog. Mainly because my job has sucked the life blood out of me and coupled with planning a wedding, my time is limited to eating, working, sleeping. What a boring existence?! Well, it'll pay off once I have completed this calendar year. Chas and I are indeed excited about our pending nuptials but the details have proven irritating. Don't get me wrong, I signed up for this, but I really didn't know that certain things would pop up during the course of things that would prove difficult. It is a difficult undertaking. I will post a REAL blog about it once it's over, but for now, it's hard and many who have never planned a wedding and all it entails have no room to judge those who have. Point. End of Story., that came out bitter, not intended.

Anyway, Work. I work in accounting against all possible imaginary careers I saw myself in, I work as such. Accounting. It has it's ups and downs but mostly it is monotonous and unrewarding. There is no yearning, not artistry to it. It's cut and dry, the same routine every month. Everyone demands all from this department. Can I have a check? When will we be paid? Can I have more? Can I have this? Can I have that? Blah. I found some green sticky notes at Kinkos the other day and felt compelled to purchase them. They said, "How did I get here? and who are all these people asking me questions?" I jumped across the line of other jaded people sending packages for their bosses to grab these. Now, when I have questions or requests, rather than affix a benign purple/pink/yellow post it onto my inquiry, I prominently post my obnoxious, green, quote-friendly sticky just so those who hassle me all day know that I (passive-agressively of course) understand the impetus of their request. I have gained ultimate satisfaction with my "sticky" note, if you will. As my phone ring-eth off the hook each day, I now prouldy answer it, "YEEEEESSSSS, and what doth thou request of me?" I have reached my threshold of "taking it" for the greater cause of the "company". But I have to make it work for a while because Chas and I have grand master plans to relocate in the next year and I need to persevere for the future and such and so forth. But, while I have your attention, I hate my job. I am now not only in accounting but IT because we have a small company and I am resourceful enough and also not a moron, so I can actually fix my computer and people assume that I can fix their's, so after a while, I become the "can fix the phones, computer, copier/printer/fax, figure out various simple mathematical equations and also I make a great cup of coffee" person for everyone. It's hilarious to me. One more inane task I can add on my resume. "Hodge-podge IT person and copier repair man". Wonderful. Hire me.

I just had to vent. I'm really running thin on patience for most people I encounter at my office. I really try. I grit my teeth, try to calm down before I speak but now I just rely on my silliness to get through the day, it's gotten that bad. I sing to the horrible country station we have chosen to ignore for this particular day as I do a deposit and mumble random movie quotes to myself. I'm in the loony bin for sure! It's chaos always and I just wish that people could take care of themselves for once. Solve their own friggin problems! Novelty! I guess you get what you ask for and I always wanted to "feel" important. Now, I am forced to act like it to some degree. "Trish, can you help me?" "Trish, I do not know how to do this?" "Trish, my computer is frozen and I also don't know how to set my voicemail" "Trish, I know your swamped but can you tell me what 2X4 is?"
It really is like this. The best one I heard the other day was, "Trish, oh wait, I just answered my own question...sorry, bye" Wow, the processes are in motion! I don't mean to be a cynic but man, I really need a day off....HELP ME>>>>>

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mid-week funny

Human Head Found In Hamburger

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Swear Jar

This never gets old...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How scary...

So, I am hanging out by myself, listening to my most recent downloads on my Ipod and lo and behold, I look over to my left (seeing something move) and there is this crazy spider-looking-giant- bug-thing-albeit not a spider - crawling fast near me. I try to smush it under a piece of paper but it perseveres. I am forced to jump and thus spill my glass of wine all over the couch trying to escape its tentacles. HUGE massive bug that should be kept to the outdoors but none the less is right near me interrupting my "zen" moment of music and peace. Check this out, it's giant and also I can not recognize it. Rarely do I find myself saying aloud "what the fuck is that???" but tonight is that night. Scared, I put this bug onto our stove top and while I can see it still breathing (how cruel) I get my camera and snap a photo because if we should need to call an exterminator, I want documentation, so it's not really a photo for my sparsely read blog but for a more utilitarian purpose that I selfishly shot a photo, anywho...crazy bug on my couch! Few things scare me and you can't really make out the bug's true form in this shot because I was shaking. Yes. Scared of bugs larger than spiders. I'm a wimp. Sorry. I put this bug in a baby food jar that my friend Amy left at my house and we attempted to utilize it for nails or Chas' random carpentry bits and pieces. However, those jars became handy for my bug corpse (sorry bug). I quickly placed a sticky note saying "Chas - um, found this on the couch! Should we call someone?" So, who knows...until next week...